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93% of consumers read online reviews 

Reading reviews online is an integral part of the process a potential client is undertaking. Showcase your happiest clients with relevant keywords as evidence both to future clients and Google that your business can be trusted!


Showcase Happy Clients

Your business is great! You know it, clients know it. However, happy clients rarely will take the initiative to share their positive experience. In fact, our research shows that most clients need to be reminded at least twice before they action a review.

Support for Google, Yelp and Facebook

Google is the number one platform to collect reviews on, as it helps your local SEO efforts and is directly reflected on Google Maps, a prime source of leads. That being said, some clients prefer using other tools. We support prompting for both Google, Facebook Recommendations and Yelp Reviews.

Collect Discrete Negative Feedback

Every business have un-happy clients, this is just the reality of working with people. Our system has a built-in mechanism to route unhappy clients to a feedback form, which collects valuable feedback discretely. Clients that vent discretely are much less likely to leave a negative review.

Authentic Reviews from Real Customers

Our system is geared towards maximizing real customer feedback and highlighting the positive side of it. There are no fake reviews and we do not sell fake reviews. After all, you wouldn’t forge professional certification or accounting documents, right? Take your online brand to the next level.

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ReviewShield Protection

Every business has unhappy customers. This is just a fact of life when you work with other people. ReviewShield analyzes the intent of a user prior to redirecting them to a review site. If the analysis comes up as a low likelihood of 5 star, it collects the negative feedback discretely. This feedback is provided directly to the business owner for future analysis.


Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

First, customers are asked to give a thumbs up or down. This sentiment check redirects over 90% of negative reviews to make sure you only get positive reviews.

1 to 5 Star Rating Check

Second, customers rate you on a 1 to 5 star scale. Any rating 4 stars or below is provided to you privately. Only 5 star ratings are directed to Google.

Multiple Platforms

While Google Maps is the main source of traffic, Facebook Recommendations and Yelp reviews are secondary channels that can improve social proof.



The Right Price for You and Your Business

We offer both a flexible plan and a yearly savings option.


Our flexible plan allows you to cancel at any time. With our 14 days satisfaction guarantee, there’s no risk with starting at this plan.



Are you serious about your business’ online reputation? Then commit to a year and get a discount worth 2 months on the Flexible plan.


Rate.ink was transformative for our moving company, Cactus Moving. As a new business, people often would judge us over the amount of 5 star reviews we had in Google maps. Using Rate.ink, we were able to get over 100 positive reviews on our local Google listing!

Sam Grin, Owner and Operator, Cactus Moving

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