How to set up Google Business Profile

How to set up Google Business Profile

(Formerly Google My Business)

As a brand, having a strong online presence is essential, and Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business (GMB)) can help you achieve just that. By utilizing GMB, you can easily update your business information on Google, allowing your brand to appear on Google Search, Google Maps and be easily accessible to potential customers. GMB also provides convenient features for customers to make reservations, get directions, or directly call your locations, making it easy for them to connect with your business. Additionally, engaging with your existing and potential customers through Google reviews can significantly impact your brand’s reputation and online visibility.

However, getting started with Google Business Profile is not always straightforward, that’s why we created this handy dandy guide on how to set up your Google Business Profile and a second part guide on how to generate and share your Google Reviews link to get more Google Reviews!


Let’s get started:


    1. Visit and press the Manage Now button and sign in to (or create if you don’t have one) your Google Profile

    1. Enter your Business Name. You should enter this exactly as the business name is spelled (including capitalization and punctuation)

    1. Choose the most appropriate business type (you can select more than one).

    1. Fill out the business category

    1. Fill out where you serve customers (if you serve them).
        • IMPORTANT: If you don’t serve customers at your business address, do not enter an address under the “Info” tab in Business Profile Manager. Leave the “business location” field blank

    1. Enter your business region

    1. Input the contact phone number and your website (this will be displayed on your Google profile for customers to see)

    1. Add your business location by clicking ‘Continue’ and then entering your Mailing Address

    1. You will then need to verify your account. There are several ways to do this:
        • Postcard verification

        • Phone call verification

        • Email verification

        • Video verification (pictured below)

    1. You should then add any additional services (Google likes this and wants you to have a full Google profile), so select all services that are applicable

    1. You should add as much info as possible – including business hours

    1. Be sure to allow customers to message you by selecting the ‘Accept Messages’ button. This will allow customers to speak to you directly from your Google Business Profile

    1. Add a business description. Google will then review your description, which takes approximately three days.
        • Keep your information relevant and high-quality. Put your self in your customer’s shoes, think about what your customers want to know about you. The main goal here is for them to click through to your website or give you a call.

        • Highlight your unique selling points and what makes you different from your competitors.

        • End with a call-to-action aimed at your target audience.

    1. Include photos! These do not have to be professional and can be photos you take yourself from your phone. This is highly recommended to build trust and credibility with your customers.

    1. You can also set up your Google Ads at this point (optional)

    1. Voila, you are done! You can now manage your Google Business Profile by searching your business name on Google (note you need to be logged into your Google account that you used to set up the profile)
        • From here you can press the 3 dots and manage your Google Business Profile, or press any of the other options to build out your profile, including Asking for Reviews, Advertising, or just reading your reviews from customers

Now that you have your Google Business Profile set up, the next step is to create and share your Google Reviews link. Read our step-by-step guide to learn exactly how to share your Google Reviews link to get more Google Reviews

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