Case Study

How Catcus Moving used Rate.Ink to get 100+ 5 Star Reviews on Google

Sam Grin is the Owner and Operator of Cactus Moving. When he started the company, he was getting positive reviews over the phone and in-person from his customers, but there wasn’t any online reviews or testimonials for customers to draw to.



Sam understood the importance of Google reviews but didn’t have the time to chase after customers for a review because of his busy schedule leading the company.


Sam was also worried about customers giving negative reviews at the odd chance, despite the company’s growing popularity in the region.



That is where Rate.Ink came in. When starting off on the software, Sam only spent a couple minutes crafting the perfect email template using Rate.Ink’s Template creator. 

He then set the perfect time to send the email using Rate.Ink’s Campaign creator and started adding the customers he wanted feedback from by adding their name and email.

That’s it. Today, he only uses the software to add new customers and see any negative feedback that he needs to act on. He let’s Rate.Ink do the rest of the work for him. And the results have been outstanding to say the least.


Sam has been able to get over 100 Google Reviews with a near perfect rating of 4.9. All of the reviews are from real customers talking about their real experience. A game-changer for Cactus Moving.

Now it’s your turn.

Use Rate.Ink to automate review requests from existing customers. Collect Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews from happy clients. Gather discrete negative feedback to make business improvements.

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